Verus Mortgage Capital Leads Industry Back into Non-QM Lending

With $2.6 billion in securitization volume in 2020, leading non-QM issuer offers liquidity 

Washington, D.C. – February 22, 2021 – Verus Mortgage Capital (VMC), a full-service correspondent investor offering residential non-QM and investor rental programs, announced that in 2020 it financed nearly $2.6 billion of loans across six-rated and one unrated securitization transactions.

As the nation’s largest issuer of securitizations backed by Non-QM loans each of the three last years, Verus’ 2020-2 issuance was the first post-COVID securitization with ratings to include both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings.

The company completed five rated securitizations post-COVID, totaling more than $1.65 billion in collateral. Verus also issued its first unrated securitization backed primarily by non-performing loans in 2020, which included traditional mortgage loans as well as Residential Transitional Loans.

“The Non-QM business will grow considerably over the next two years and lenders who begin originating these products now will lead the industry,” Smith said. “We will continue to grow our correspondent channel this year by partnering with lenders who are looking to provide Jumbo, Non-QM and Investment home financing options.” 

About Verus Mortgage Capital

Founded in 2015, Verus Mortgage Capital (VMC) is a non-QM correspondent investor backed by Invictus Capital Partners, a leading investment firm. VMC purchases loans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and focuses solely on the non-agency market. It offers correspondent lenders a wide range of home financing products for credit worthy borrowers.

The Washington, D.C.-based company, with operations located in Minneapolis, has purchased in excess of $11 billion in expanded, non-agency loans since its inception. In addition, through its affiliates, VMC has completed 24 rated securitizations. Mortgage bankers can learn more about VMC’s investor products by visiting

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