Verus Non-Prime / Non-QM Programs

Our Non-prime or non-QM loans are responsible alternative solutions that fill the void in today’s residential mortgage market.

Non-Prime / Non-QM Programs

  • We buy loans in all 50 states
  • TPO accepted
  • Correspondent Relationship
  • Exceptions available
  • 40 year I/O terms available
  • 5/1, 7/1, 15-yr fixed, and 30-yr fixed terms on all products
  • Interest Only available
  • Rate available in pricing engines
  • Scenario / Exception Desk
  • Prequalification review available prior to closing
  • Dedicated operational teams with assigned transaction managers
  • Enhanced delegated review process available
  • Foreign Nationals eligible
  • Non-Warrantable Condo Financing Program available

Our Programs

Our non-QM programs break through the barriers that keep creditworthy borrowers from the financing they need, through proven processes and common-sense underwriting.